The student body at Machon Shlomo spans a broad spectrum of background and personality type. What distinguishes our students is a genuine desire to learn, to grow, and to be part of a shared experience.

The program is geared towards recent graduates and young professionals in their 20s.  Some have deferred their graduate or professional degrees to study for one to two years. Others have taken sabbatical from their current professions.  All classes are taught in English. The majority of students are usually from the United States, but students have come from many different countries, including Canada, England, France, Australia, South Africa, Russia, Switzerland, South America, and Romania. Officially, the yeshiva follows the Ashkenazi tradition, although a small segment of the student body is often Sefardi.

The yeshiva caters to those with no prior experience in Jewish learning, as well as those who have had moderate exposure. In addition to becoming accomplished young Torah scholars, our alumni have gone on to occupy positions at the highest levels of their profession, whether it be in law, medicine, finance, education, music, engineering, public service, or rabbinics.

The vast majority of students return to their country of origin after studying at Machon Shlomo. However, a handful of alumni have settled in “Anglo” communities in Israel, including Har Nof and Ramat Beit Shemesh.  Students have the opportunity to meet these alumni and their families on Shabbatons.  Students are also warmly welcomed into the homes of families in the surrounding Har Nof community, serving as living examples of building a balanced Jewish home.

Most essential to a potential applicant are the qualities of self-discipline and motivation, the desire for growth, an eagerness to find what makes him great, and the willingness to take the steps that will lead him there.